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Are you a practising artist creating original work, and

your studio or home is in or close to Gloucester?

Join us...

Welcome to the Gloucester Contemporary Artists - we are a networking group for local artists with the ambition of making Gloucester a respected centre for contemporary arts.


If you are considering becoming a member, there are only three criteria:

  • you are a practising artist creating and exhibiting / selling your original work

  • you live in or your studio is in or close to Gloucester, and

  • you share GCA's ambition to establish Gloucester as a respected centre for contemporary art, and you will actively participate in our work to achieve this.


We aim to provide opportunities for our members - either to take part in events aimed at showing and selling your original artworks (whatever form that takes), or to provide opportunities for learning (usually from each other - we have some great skills and knowledge in our group!). As a networking group, we do expect our members to  give as much to the network as they take - we are a very inclusive group!​​

Membership gives you the benefits of:

  • being part of a vibrant network of artists; 

  • joining the conversation on our WhatsApp Group and getting notified of forthcoming events and opportunities;

  • listing on our website;

  • featuring on our Instagram page; and

  • promotion and support by GCA.



Membership costs £35 a year.

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