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Helena Zabko-Phillips

Paint and printmaking

I count myself as very lucky to have spent my formative years in the depths of the Welsh countryside. It instilled within me deep sensitivity and appreciation of my surroundings and that has remained with me throughout my life.

Having dabbled and enjoyed many creative pastimes throughout the years I started to paint with oil paint, enjoying its flow and versatility. I like to paint a variety of subjects and particularly enjoy setting up and painting a still life.

Within a still life, I like to convey a sense of calm and peacefulness whilst bringing out the beauty of the subject. When painting I enjoy listening to classical music and losing myself in the flow of my work.

Subject matter for my still life paintings is plentiful, nature being an endless source of supply and no shopping trip is complete without my scouring the local charity and junk shops for interesting and appealing items to complement my still life studies.

07896 035568

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