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Gilly Hill


I am an artist with a passion for various art forms that have shaped my creative development. I explored Gmudner style pottery painting while living in Austria; I had a small business designing and making beaded wire work and jewellery in Lusaka, Zambia. At the same time I became very serious with bird photography, sold cards and postcards in Lusaka and participated in an exhibition in the UK with my photography.

I was born in Zambia and spent a significant portion of my life there and South Africa, but wasn’t until I owned my own art gallery in the UK showcasing local and Zambian artists, that painting seriously became both a possibility and a focus.

In 2023 my painting titled "On the Road 2" was accepted for display in the prestigious Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition 2023. The honour was a was a real joy, hopefully solidifying my position as a respected artist in the art community. To add further delight, the artwork was sold on the opening night, which, as every artist will attest, is a real thrill.

07583 011326

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